Good quotes about religions and conservation

HRH The Prince Philip, Founder of ARC: “Like a tree, the Alliance has grown almost imperceptibly as it put down its roots and added new branches… I am much encouraged by the nature and extent of the projects undertaken by the members of the Alliance to promote the conservation of nature.” .

Former Vice President of the US, Al Gore, during a presentation on climate change: “Buckminster Fuller once wrote, ‘If the future of all human civilization depended on me, What would I do? How would I be?’ It does depend on all of us but, once again, not just with the light bulbs… What’s needed really is a higher level of consciousness. And that’s hard to — that’s hard to create — but it is coming. There’s an old African proverb that some of you know that says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” We have to go far quickly. So we have to have a change in consciousness.”

Mahasangha Raja -Patriarch of the Cambodian Buddhists and Patron of ARC:  “Thanks to the World Bank and ARC, several local NGOs were able to emerge in Cambodia through the monastic network. These new organizations have allowed Cambodian people to become aware of the importance of education, protection of the environment, flora and fauna, the problem of deforestation. And most importantly, they have enabled Cambodian people to act on these things.”

Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, the oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization in the US with around 1.3 million members: “I was part of the generation that made the choice – the horrendous strategic blunder – of situating ourselves outside the institutions of faith. Now we have a chance to repent of, and reform from that error.”

Yoshinori Yasuda of the International Research Centre for Japanese Studies and a panel chairperson at the Religious G8 in 2008: “I am a scientist and this is the first time I am discussing religious problems with religious leaders. I now realise that we must all share their sense of ‘something great’ if we are really going to successfully tackle the big problems facing us…The Japanese word ‘kokoro’, signifying both heart AND mind, captures an important essence of human nature that the English language seems to have lost.”

Neville Sassienie, Board of Deputies of British Jews: “With help and advice from ARC we have been able to develop the Big Green Jewish website – a goal we have had for a number of years. Our aim then and now was to promote in the Jewish community an active concern for environmental issues as part of being Jewish. This is what ARC’s assistance has made possible for us.”

James Wolfensohn in 2003, when he was President, The World Bank: “ARC opens up ideas and possibilities that may well be new to many in the world of development and economics, but which, as I know from personal experience, do work”.

Terence Hay Edie speaking on behalf of the UNDP about the new partnership with ARC: “We are gathered here on account of a growing realization that universal religions have a crucial role to play in the instrumental laws, principles and practices for good environmental stewardship. Both as long established codes of social, ethical and environmental good practice, as well as major land-owners, the world’s religions each contain references on the need for a healthy environment to allow human beings to flourish and thrive in balance with the nonhuman world.”

His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Patron of ARC: “So here we have the Alliance of Religions and Conservation gathering like Noah all living things (in this case species of believers and bankers) … With significant investments from religious groups in innovative projects such as alternative energy, job creation, affordable housing and micro-financing we can realise a major shift toward ethical consciousness, as well as material benefits that advance the healing of our wounded planet.”

Prince Hassan of Jordan, direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammad and Patron of ARC: “ARC is a model of how the faiths can work together. I welcome its contribution in helping to protect our planet.”


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