Posted by: ARC | June 9, 2010

“My problem just now is to provide enough seedlings”

The first seedlings PHOTO: Tanzanian Lutheran Church

We’ve just received an email from Bishop Fredrick Shoo of the Evangelical Church of Tanzania, which created one of the long term environmental plans launched at Windsor Castle last year. It included the pledge to plant 8.5 million trees around the Kilimanjaro area.

“Almost every Sunday I visit parishes and explain our project,” Bishop Fredrick writes. “People are responding very positively, and I am so encouraged. The Ng’uni parish has allocated 20 acres for tree planting. Another parish, Nkweshoo, has already planted one acre, and they want more seedlings. Sufi parish members are ready to plant trees on church plot, and members have asked for seedlings to plant on private farms. My problem at present is to provide enough seedlings.”

Link here for the full seven year plan from the Evangelical Church of Tanzania. And if you can help financially, then please let us know at All the money will be passed on to the Tanzanian Church for its seedling activities.


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