Posted by: ARC | April 16, 2010

Page views and volcanic ash

Cloud on the horizon

I should be heading towards Tangiers tonight, for a literary festival on the subject of searching for an environmental ethic – or indeed an ethos. But of course the flight has been cancelled. I’m hoping to go tomorrow, but today I have this lovely extra, unexpected time. It’s an interesting lesson. In order to tackle the carbon issue, the fuel crisis AND pollution we are going to have to make various choices to simplify our lifestyle. Instead of being afraid of those choices and what we might lose, perhaps we don’t realise how much there is to gain.

If I get to that panel discussion on Sunday, then I think that’s exactly what I’ll talk about.

We’re a little astonished here. Our little soft-launched tester blog, with its 12 short posts, and almost no links from our own website let alone anyone else’s has gone up from 10 views a day (not including us) to about 350. The difference? We did a story about the United Church of Canada’s far-thinking climate change letter, and posted a stunning picture of Jasper, in Canada.  Something to bear that in mind when I’m selecting stories next time, although our blog about Chilean nuns – who already had an eco-water source and it ended up being the only one working in their area post the quake – has led to some really positive media interest and interviews, if not so many page views.


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