Posted by: ARC | December 3, 2009

Most of our google visitors want to know what Sikhs believe

Most visitors to our website come from a direct link – but I’ve just found out that, for those who are googling in, an overwhelming majority come because they want to know what Sikhs believe in. Not very closely followed by people who want to know what Buddhists, and then Daoists believe… On our new website, we’ll have even more answers to those questions… But meanwhile, do search our site, or watch the video below. It’s a bit handmade, but it gives a nice 2 minute overview of what Sikhs believe about the environment.

1 Alliance of Religions and Conservation 727
2 what do sikhs believe 658
3 arcworld 384
4 what do buddhists believe 367
5 daoist beliefs 298
6 arc 273
7 daoists 205
8 walsingham pilgrimage 200
9 what do sikhs believe in 192
10 daoist 183


  1. Please visit the website to get the correct perspective about the Sikh religion.

  2. Sikhs believe in one God.

    Sikhs do not believe in Vices or Virtues.

    Sikhs have their sacred scripture called Adi Granth.

    Sikhs believe that God is Guru(spiritual preceptor) and sikhs follow the path which 37 great devotees followed and these devotees words are present in their sacred scriptures. basically wide known are 10 gurus.

    Sikhs do not believe in Caste System, Eating Foods of some specific type, in some special dress, even in religion. it’s free form religion

    Human can never be god. God is god so all spiritual teachers of past were god sent but not god.

    Sikh believes, No one is born Sikh. One have to attain that leval of wisdom to become sikh

    Sikh believes in HUKAM(Command) which god guides from persons inside and if person is on wrong way he can get guidance from spiritual preceptors

    there are many many many things…..
    it is better to ask question and we will provide you answer.

  3. Sikhs believes by God’s command everything is formed, everyone is living in god’s command and even everyone is dying of god’s command. If a Human recognize God’s command he can become sikh. You do not need to bow before any book or any idol or any church. you can get connect with god at the place where you are sitting.

    Sikh in their prayer demand that oh god please do not go away from my heart. If you have given me this life then i want to do all worldly things under your command.

    A Sikh who follow his command will not do wrong.

  4. Attributes of God are almost common in every religion But Sacred Scripture called Adi Granth is about knowing your inner(Subtle body), see from inner body listen from inner body. Your outer body is slave of inner body(Mind and heart). If your mind and heart are impure you could not get god because Sikhs aim is to attain god, to get themselve merge in one.

    Sikhs believe that they are Drop of ocean.

    Sikhs do not believe in destruction but they believe in Defense. For that purpose one of spiritual preceptor create an army give them a dress which includes(Sword,Turban,bracelet,a special underwear,Turban)…Some sikhs use to wear 2 or three of it, but a proper Armymen wear all five. Still sikhs preserve that tradition and use their sword against tyranny

  5. whosoever you are a muslim, christian, hindu etc. do read adi granth and know yourself more in detail.

    There is no principle in sikhism, but code is there
    one need no physical conversion.
    One have not to leave their eating styles.
    one have not to visit any place.
    just read, and pls don’t read only to understand is real Gurmat = Sikhism

    The Sikhism is religion of Wisdom & Knowledge.
    knowledge of yourself

    Enjoy It

  6. Sikhism believes in Fatherhoof of Mankind and Brotherhood of Mankind. It believes that God is never born nor dies, but is creator of the whole universe. He is manifested through the Mother Nature. Sikhism does not discriminate on grounds of sex, race, religion, country of birth, colour or lower or higher worldly status of an individual. Sikhism loves all and belive that all are our dear one and non our enemy. Service of humanity is the service of God. Unity in diversity is our belief. Meditate on the bounties of God and do good unto others is our way of lilfe.

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