Posted by: ARC | November 15, 2009

A Grand Mufti, a Rabbi, an Archbishop, A Daoist Master and a Shinto Priest went into a bar…

Prince Philip and Ban Ki-moon honour the EcoSikh action plan

A Grand Mufti, a Rabbi, an Archbishop, a Daoist Master, and a Shinto priest went into a bar . . . This may read like the start to a bad joke, but it happened last week in Windsor, England (though let’s be clear that the bar was serving only hot drinks and chocolate cookies). It was all part of the “Many Heavens, One Planet” Celebration organized by ARC and UNDP, at which all the major faith traditions launched “Long Term Commitment Plans for Protecting the Living Planet.” They were honored at a special ceremony in Windsor Castle, hosted and attended by both HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and United Nations Secretary-General HE Ban Ki-moon, writes the World Bank’s Tony Whitten in his guest blog.

“That such august people would give time to this is because they understand that the faiths represent the oldest, most enduring, and largest institutions on the planet and that each – with their hundreds of millions of adherents – can mobilize significant action…The fact that environmentalists and faith adherents are increasingly discovering the commonalities in their concerns brings into play a vast array of potential and partnerships. For some six years I had managed the World Bank’s ‘faith and environment’ initiative and I had seen a great deal of that potential released and encouraged….”




  1. Such amazing stories need ambassadors to amplify them to the local people. Religious leaders are the best choice that there is over this.

  2. 叶添龙在自己身体内部开辟了两仪四象一共六处丹田气海之后,竟然在华山朝阳峰顶,观看日出日落,月迁星移,天地浑然一体之象,悟出了一门剑法朝阳一气剑。紫霞秘籍上声称,根据叶添龙长老的猜测朝阳一气剑大成只是能够一剑化日月,演化天地至理。

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